Kinesiology Foundation – interactive home-study course


Study in your own home, at your own pace, using your full colour illustrated manual in print and digital form. Follow along with Elizabeth as she guides you through a series of videos to enhance your learning. Send your assignments for feedback. No deadlines. No stress. Learn to help yourself and your family and friends, with the option to come to the beautiful Sunshine Coast to master your new found skills and learn some sneaky short-cuts and new techniques with Elizabeth Hughes, in a hands-on fun filled weekend.


  • Discover how Kinesiology can change your life for the better
  • Learn simple, natural ways to heal yourself, your friends and your family
  • Expand your skill set to help your clients if you are already a qualified natural medicine practitioner


  • The history and development of Kinesiology
  • How to ask the body questions to become more in tune
  • How to give a full body balance
  • 15 muscle tests – so you can test the energy of all organs and meridians
  • How to correct weak muscles with specific points and nutrition
  • Which emotions effect which areas of the body
  • How to clear trapped emotions with flower essences and affirmations
  • Colour healing for emotional imbalance
  • How to test and balance the chakra system
  • The five elements and how they interact in the body
  • Helping your friends and family in a deep and meaningful way


studypack (1)


  • 250 page, full colour and illustrated manual in print
  • Muscle reference guide ( full colour and illustrated)
  • USB with your manual hyperlinked to 68 educational videos
  • 1 copy of Elizabeth Hughes’ book ‘Your Child’s Body Has The Answer’
  • 1 chakra balancing kit
  • Laminated charts/posters to assist your learning
  • Exclusive access to a private forum for discussion
  • Discount vouchers
  • Special bonus gift


Carefully structured into four stages, the course allows you to progress through different treatments culminating in a full kinesiology balance using all your new skills. We recommend you allow 4-6 weeks to complete the course, this allows for full time work and family time, but some students have finished in 10 days.

Course work and practical case studies are submitted at the end of every stage for feedback.

COURSE FEE: $2,200 including postage worldwide


People from all walks of life choose to study with Elizabeth Hughes. Some attend for their own personal development, some wish to help family and friends and most go on to study Kinesiology at Diploma level to become Professional Kinesiology Practitioners. With our training facilities only 1 hour north of Brisbane and being close to the Sunshine Coast Airport, many students travel to be a part of our training courses.

Successful completion of this course allows access to the Nationally recognised Diploma in Kinesiology to train to become a Practitioner in Kinesiology or is suitable for Therapists who wish to add muscle testing to their skills.

Your Body Has The Answer is an Approved Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.


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“The course manual is so informative. There is loads of information and every single part of it is interesting and relevant. No wishy washy page fillers!”   Kirrily Ball

“The course content is excellent. So well prepared and presented. The videos are so professional and I found them really helpful. I loved all the topics and everything about this course!” Andrea Beaufort

“Thank you for challenging my way of thinking and for blowing my mind! Life will never be the same again. You are simply one of the best teachers I have ever had”
Connie Page MNHAA  Dip. Phyt.,Dip. ProKin.

“I am so grateful I enrolled on your course. I wasn’t expecting to learn as much as I did- a direct result of your skillful teaching and your syllabus. You are an amazing teacher and so incredibly giving. You are also helping people transform their lives!”
Colleen Schweinfurth

“I have found learning Kinesiology has brought a whole new dimension to my practice. Not only has it helped confirm treatment plans it has given clarity on which modalities the patient most needs, which saves time and brings great results for the patient. I think all practitioners would find uses for Kinesiology in their practice.”
Margaret Stattman N.D,  Coolum Naturopathic

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Register here to receive your course prospectus and fees.

*Please check your inbox and junk mail folder after submission to ensure our email reaches you.