Palm Chakras

Palm Chakras

Palm chakras are amazing! The palm of our hand is a hugely powerful area with all of our energy points are reflected in our hands and they represent our ability to create what we want and need in the world.

The palm chakras are about receiving the gift of touch to express our love. As we express our heart energy through our shoulders, down our arms into our hands we can manifest and use our hands to create what our heart wants in the physical world. We can show love to others through our touch and deeds and also receive love through our hands.


Pains in your shoulders, arms and hands can reflect that you are not expressing yourself and creating what you want, or that you have tried to do this and feel you have failed. So you have withdrawn all your energy back into your heart.

We receive energy through our left palm and give energy with our right palm. It is possible just one of our palm chakras is blocked and this would reflect whether we are having issues with giving or receiving.

For example, if we had love in our heart for a person and tried to create a relationship with them but they weren’t interested then we would have been sending lots of energy through our right palm and weren’t receiving the love we wanted back. So our left palm may become blocked. Or we may loose trust that someone will love us in the way we need and stop giving energy and therefore our right palm can become blocked. This can manifest as problems in the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.

Energy Blocks

We use our hands in many ways so this area can become blocked if we are in conflict about what we have to give, or who we are giving it to. Wanting to hold hands? Do you like touching? Feeling confident and worthy in what you give? Do you feel you deserve to receive love and healing touch?

We use our palms to direct energy to where we need it in our body. For example, we may hold our tummy if it is sore or rub our neck if it is tense. If you have a painful area of your body, consciously place the palm of your hand there and use the intention to send healing energy to help heal this area.

The palm chakras are supported by the colour white as it contains all the colours of the other main chakras. So wearing white can help energy flow freely through our palms.

As each finger represents a different chakra, you can become more aware of the message behind a specific finger pain by reading up about the chakra that is relevant. For example:  if you are having pains in your thumb then the sacral chakra and wearing the colour orange may help. If you have an issue with your wrist then learn about balancing the root (base) chakra and wear red for colour healing.

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