Attracting Abundance Ritual Box


A combination of the perfect ritual tools to increase your abundance and attract more!

Our Ritual Boxes are the perfect gift for your conscious friends, (or for yourself!), and have been lovingly curated with every item playing a vital part.

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Your Attracting Abundance Ritual Box contains:

  • Divine Abundance Oracle Cards

Connect to messages and lessons about your relationship with money, career and abundance through these beautiful cards. Colourfully illustrated and imbued with spiritual meaning.

  • Money Energy Mist

A blend of flower essences, essential oils and crystal elixirs all known to increase abundance and attract wealth.

  • Prosperity Incense Powder

This divine scented powder is self-igniting. Simply place a pinch on a metal or ceramic dish (or in your cauldron), shape into a point and light.

  •  4 x Candles

Fire represents your will power, so by using candle magik we can literally ignite our intention.

  • Citrine Crystal Mini Jar/Candle holder

Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone and it never needs to be cleansed. Wherever it is placed it helps to attract money so you can place little ones wherever you need!

  • Pyrite Cube

This beautiful crystal is a powerful cash magnet and also creates new opportunities to make money.

  • Bronze Coins

Chinese tradition promotes these auspicious coins for wealth attraction. Tied together with red – the lucky colour of prosperity.

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