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Balanced Home – Natural ways to improve the energy in your home.

Do you have an illness that can’t be explained? Do feel better when you are on holiday away from home? Have you ever felt goose bumps walking into a building?

Discover how your environment can impact your health and learn natural ways to balance the energy of your home.

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In this full colour illustrated ebook, we look at the three main areas that can cause imbalances: Electromagnetic stress, Geopathic stress and Geopsychic stress.

By realising which of these stresses are present in your home, you can formulate an action plan to restore harmony and positive energy to your space.

This book is bursting with tips and information including scan charts, testing methods and over 20 different balancing methods so you can find the right one for your home.

The book prints beautifully if you wish to give as it as a gift and is the perfect complement to the Balanced Home Mist.

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