Balanced Sleep Energy Mist


This relaxing mist is used to aid relaxation and restful sleep. It can be useful for those wishing to go deeper in meditation or when feeling overwhelmed and just needing two minutes out of the day. Spray abundantly above your head and around body whilst saying the following affirmation: “I allow my body to heal and recharge as I discover inner peace.”

Available in a 50ml cobalt blue glass bottle.



This gorgeous heavy oil is made from the roots of the plant so it is earthy and grounding. Known as the “oil of tranquillity”, it has a calming effect on the nervous system and is a key remedy for insomnia.

Orange is so versatile! It can assist you in a good night’s sleep and it also energizes you as you sleep, ready to welcome a brand new day.

When thoughts are running around in your mind and you can’t switch off, White chestnut helps calm your mental chatter and stops you going over conversations and situations.

Sometimes you can’t sleep as you feel responsible for everyone and everything. When you feel you have taken on too many tasks, Elm helps you relax and trust that you have got this handled!

When you have been stimulated all day and your senses are congested from all you have seen, heard, tasted, smelt and felt, Dill will calm your overwhelm and allow you to switch off.

To calm and soothe an overactive mind, Howlite has long been used as an antidote to insomnia. It is an excellent crystal for sleep or meditation.

During the night our lungs and liver work to detoxify and heal our body. Chrysoprase helps us detoxify and is also believed to ward off nightmares.

Important info:

  • Your Body Has The Answer mists are handmade in a private kitchen in Queensland, Australia and have not been evaluated by the TGA or similar authority.
  • All ingredient information given is for educational use only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any information given is our own opinion and is not intended to represent or replace the advice of a medical professional.
  • All mists are in a base of filtered water with a small amount of natural dispersant to help the oils and essences blend. All our oils are from Twenty8 who only use 6-star certified, pure organic essential oils. Their range is certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO).
  • All flower essences and gem elixirs are handmade by Your Body Has The Answer.
  • Mists contain a small amount of vodka that is used as a preservative during the flower essence and gem elixir making process.
  • Your Body Has The Answer is not responsible for improper use, reactions or results of this product.
  • Use these products at your own risk. and spot test for allergies 24 hours prior to use. Discontinue in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction.
  • Mists are for external use only and not to drink. Avoid spraying mists in the eyes or mouth.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • None of our products are tested on animals.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Your bathroom counter is a good place so you can mist your body at the start of each day before dressing.

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