Luna Ritual Box


Connect to the energy of the moon to enhance your life by being in flow with mother nature’s cycle.

Our Ritual Boxes are the perfect gift for your conscious friends, (or for yourself!), and have been lovingly curated with every item playing a vital part.



Your Luna ritual box contains:

  • Moon Magic Journal

Learn to channel the moons mystical powers to conduct spells and rituals at the right time. Reflect on your journey with prompts to help you connect to your inner self.

  • Moonology Oracle Cards

Harness the power of the moon to understand the messages from the universe, make informed decisions and create positive change in your life.

  • Meditation Incense Powder

This divine scented powder is self-igniting. Simply place a pinch on a metal or ceramic dish (or in your cauldron), shape into a point and light.

  •  4 x Candles

Fire represents your will power, so by using candle magik we literally ignite our intention. Use your mini jar as a candle holder.

  •  Amethyst crystals in mini jar

Amethyst is the number one crystal for connecting to spirit and your crown chakra, which opens to your highest self. As well as using this in your rituals, you can also sleep with a piece under your pillow to receive messages in your dreams.

  • Lapis Lazuli crystal

Lapis represents a star filled night sky and helps draw energy from the moon near you, even on the darkest night. This stone of truth helps communication with our higher self and increases intuition and meditation.

  • Clarity Energy Mist

A blend of flower essences, essential oils and crystal elixirs to help you focus and strengthen your intuition. Spray anytime you need help feel more clear and connected.

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