Magic Spell Candles


Beautiful candles for bringing colour intention to your rituals.

(see below for candle meanings)

Pack contains 20 candles of 4 inch – Mixed colours.

Each candle has approx burn time  of  2 hours and made with paraffin wax .



Colours are made up of different vibrational frequencies. We can connect to these frequencies by using colour with intention in our rituals.

As each colour is a specific frequency, each one has it’s own magical qualities. Using a colour that aligns with the energy of your ritual can help make it more effective.

Gazing at a flame also helps stimulate the pineal gland, which feeds on light. This is one of the reasons why we are mesmerized when staring at fire. Over time looking at a candle flame can help increase psychic abilities and intuition by opening the third eye.

Yellow candles – Use in rituals to invoke the sun or sun Gods. Yellow candles help intellect and clarity of mind.

Red candles – invoke the fire element with red for passion and enthusiasm. Good for attracting a new lover.

Purple candles – Useful to burn during astral travel and third eye opening rituals. Helping to improve intuition.

Pink candles – Love, devotion and strengthening matters of the heart.

Orange candles – Perfect for invoking rituals for better career and job prospects. Suitable for business meetings or when you need to assert yourself.

Green candles – Attract abundance and wealth (use at the same time with our prosperity incense powder in your cauldron). Helps counteract jealousy and greed.

Dark Blue candles – For joy and laughter rituals

Light Blue candles – So calming and helpful for meditation (use at the same time with our meditation incense powder in your cauldron). Helps for truth seeking and communicating honesty.

White candles – A white candle can be used in place of any colour if you don’t have that colour available.