Space Cleansing Ritual Box


Everything you need to clear negative energy and make your home a sacred sanctuary.

Our Ritual Boxes are the perfect gift for your conscious friends, (or for yourself!), and have been lovingly curated with every item playing a vital part.



Your Space Cleansing Ritual Box includes full instructions and:

  • Sage Torch

Native American Sage helps generate clarity and wisdom in your home.

  • Feather

Feathers are sacred objects as they are from birds revered for their closeness to the Divine. The feather not only directs your smoke for cleansing but will help connect mother nature to your space.

  • Home Energy Mist

Containing crystal elixirs, flower essences and essential oils, this powerful blend will take the energy in your home to the next level. 4

  • 4 x Selenite Towers

The powerful light energy of selenite will fill your space with positivity. The shape of the tower is perfect to direct the light energy upwards and outwards. Selenite will protect your space and keep it clear. This amazing crystal never needs cleansing but just don’t get it wet please!

  • 4 x Candles

Fire represents your will power so by using candle magik we can literally ignite our intention.

  • Salt in mini jar

Salt will cleanse your space by drawing out energetic impurities. The jar will also be your candle holder. As the candle burns in the salt jar this amplifies the effect of your intention to space cleanse.

  • Bell

Bells have so much sacred significance. Their vibrations will break up negative and stagnant energy left in your space and attract abundance.

  • Purification Incense powder

This heavenly powder is self lighting. Place a pinch on a fire proof dish (metal or ceramic) and form into a cone shape and ignite.

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