10 tips to help your children with earaches

Earaches can be caused by an infection, a build-up of ear wax, a foreign object or water in the ear, changes in air pressure, a tooth infection, eczema in the ear, or a jaw imbalance.

They can affect one or both ears, causing pain and temporary hearing loss. Some children are more prone to earache if they have smaller ear canals.

If your child has earache, it is important for your doctor to check your child’s ear to find the cause.

When the cause of your child’s earache is unknown and there is no underlying infection you can try some natural methods to help them heal:

  1. Avoid dairy products such as milk and cheese, which can increase mucus production and contribute to ear infections.
  1. Does your child not want to listen to you? Can you communicate more positively or more gently?

3. Ear Candles can be purchased from pharmacies and health food stores and are a simple and effective way to remove a       build-up of excess wax.  We also stock ear candles and you can purchase these here.

  1. Increase Foods rich in Vitamin C to boost your child’s immune system. Try berries, kiwifruit, broccoli and red peppers.
  1. A hot water bottle covered with a towel or fitted cover can be placed over the ear for comfort – be careful not to have the bottle too hot.
  1. Ask your child to repeat the following affirmation or read it to them:

                 “I know I am loved and listened to”.

  1. The Bach Flower essence Clematis is for not wanting to hear and staying in your internal world. It helps expression in speech and writing so others can hear your ideas. These can be ordered online or from some health foods stores.
  1. The pure essential oil Eucalyptus can be vaporized in the room your child is in to help clear their head.
  1. Garlic cloves can be crushed and wrapped in a small piece of cloth, which can be allowed to sit gently in the ear for about 30 minutes.
  1. Massage on your child’s reflexology points for the ear, which are located along the base of the toes. Press lightly all along the base of the toes.

For more help for treating earaches and other childhood conditions naturally please see Your Child’s Body Has The Answer.