Are you thyroid dominant?

The 1st September is Golden Bow day which increases awareness of Thyroid problems, and thyroid cancer which is sadly on the rise. In my studies of Functional Body Typing I can see that people who are Thyroid dominant are more prone to thyroid problems. They are known as the HUNTER-GATHERERS and were the first evolutionary type on earth, where man would wander to find his food and eat whatever and whenever he could.

Physically people who are thyroid dominant are:

  • Height: (male) over 5 ft 8 (172cm) to 6 ft (183cm) (female) over 5 ft 6 (167cm) to 5 ft 10 (178cm)
  • Hands: classic shape, delicate bones, fingers same length as palms
  • Head and face: long slender face with a slight classical look
  • Body bone structure: long, elegant, bird-like bones with delicate joints


Their emotional and behavioral characteristics are:

  • Graceful and sensitive
  • Creative (aware of colours, sounds, shapes etc)
  • Great dreamers but may never make things happen
  • Brilliant internal dialogues
  • Morality and ethics are important
  • Tend to see all the shades of grey in between black and white
  • Need to understand before accepting
  • Hard for them to understand another’s choice if they don’t agree with their views (e.g. sales)
  • You name it, they’ll gather it! (collect it)
  • Healers, but can become exhausted

They need to be careful with their food strategies:

  • Eat protein, low carb
  • No snacks between meals
  • No processed food, sugar, caffeine, chocolate, soda, white carbs, potatoes
  • Breakfast substantial protein
  • Lunch moderate
  • Dinner light

If they don’t live true to their type they are prone to:

  • Sinus
  • Dry skin
  • Chronic shoulder and neck
  • Sore throats
  • Thyroid issues

To find out more about which foods, recipes, sports and professions suit thyroid dominant people please see my book Functional Body Typing.