Enjoying the school holidays?

The school holidays should be providing a restful, harmonious break for your children to recharge their batteries and have family bonding time – alas this is not always the case!

If you are having issues with squabbling siblings, bored or even defiant children this week, consider giving them flower essences to bring some peace back in to your home.

Flower essences are a beautiful, gentle way of bringing a positive vibration to your child for healing. There are many essences from around the world,  the English Bach essences and the Australian Bush Flower Essences are the easiest easy to source and you should find them in your local health food store, New Age shop, pharmacy or online.

Children respond very well to flower essences and they are safe for all ages, even newborns. They are preserved in an alcoholic base but will be diluted in water. If you are concerned about giving a small dose of alcohol to your child, you may find a local homeopath or practitioner who is able to make the essence in an alcohol-free tablet base.

Your child can take the flower essence drops diluted in water, milk or juice. You can sprinkle them on his pillow or clothes or pop a few drops in a spray bottle mixed with water and spray it around his room or over him before he goes out.

Older children can be in charge of mixing their own drops. You could refer to the essences as magic drops or energy vitamins or special potions to help your child want to take them.

The length of time the essences are needed will vary from child to child but give them until you notice a change in symptoms. About twenty-eight days should do it but the effect is often quicker and noticeable immediately.

The following suggestions can help us survive the school hols, pick the one that resonates with your child’s behaviour:

Australian Bush Essences:

Bush Iris – for not wanting to share and being over possessive of their toys.

Black Eyed Susan – for impatience and frustration, wanting to do too much.

Mountain Devil – for anger and grudges, to help forgiveness and moving forward.

English Bach Flower Essences:

Holly – for jealousy, envy and sibling rivalry.

Wild Rose – for apathy, boredom, lack of motivation

Vine – for power struggles, to create teamwork and helping others.


Your Child’s Body Has The Answer by Elizabeth Hughes