Can a heart attack be caused by a broken heart?

Let’s look at the metaphysical aspect of the heart. That is to say, how the nature of your mind and your emotions affect your heart physically.

A heart attack is literally your heart feeling under attack, but the question is why? Is there a build up of emotions? Grief over losing someone? Has someone broken your heart? Are you giving and receiving enough love?

All too often people block off their heart to the enjoyment of life.

The stereotypical heart attack victim is portrayed as an executive running for the train who collapses on the platform or the mum stuck in traffic, running late after doing a million errands, but feeling like she is achieving nothing.

These people may have become so focused on work that they have suppressed their emotions. They may be happily married with a family whom they love and work hard to support but along the way they have stopped living through their heart and now live by their head only.

The heart attack can be a way of bringing their attention back to their heart. Is the heart attack a way of stopping them, to slow them down, to get them to reconnect to their family or take time to connect to their own heart centre?

The good news is there are various ways to help you connect with your heart:

Rose Quartz crystals supports the heart energy, consider wearing or carrying one with you.

Green and pink are the colours of the heart chakra. Wear these colours to remind yourself or hang a painting in these colours in your home or office.

Say the following affirmations to support your heart’s health:

“It is safe to express what is in my heart.”

“I forgive everyone who I perceive has hurt me.”

“My heart is open to receiving and giving love.”