Loving your womb

The womb, also known as the uterus, is the centre of a woman so when we consider the overall health of a woman we must ask ourselves a few questions.

What is the position of the uterus?

How does the uterus perform when she is in action?

And finally what is the relationship of the woman to this part of herself?

From this self enquiry a journey begins……..

The uterus is an emotionally responsive organ, both sensitive and powerful.
 With the many changes throughout our lifetime, more often than not women become connected to this part of themselves for the first time through a diagnosis or severe health imbalance. It could range from painful periods, to fertility issues, to difficult menopause, hysterectomy, painful sex and more. Not to mention the emotional effects of the disconnection or disease the womb is holding.
 Yet the womb carries on…

How to start the walk back to self?

Through simple self care massage of the abdomen, and other traditional methods, by giving our core some regular attention we are supporting the health of our organs, our digestion and reproduction.

As Elizabeth says, ʻYour Body Has The Answerʼ
 and because of this we must listen. Massaging our bellies is a beautiful self honoring way to explore our own belly, its gurgles, its hesitations, its resistance, its invitation. 
To listen with our hands and breath, we can bring ourselves into a centred, calm and vital body, which ripples out into the rest of our lives and interactions.

Right here and now while you are reading this, either sitting, or lying, clothed or not, oil or no oil ….
Start circling both hands around your belly clockwise. As if the clock is facing outwards, and left is 3 oʼ clock, right is 9 oʼclock.

Cʼmon, it will only take 60 seconds.
 Deepen your breath and relax your hands on your body as you circle.
 Circle right down to your pubic bone, sliding along the hip and right up into the rib as you move across to come down the left.
 Slower, we still have 50 more seconds.
 Take your time with your belly. Be generous with yourself.

Expand, let go more…

Start to spiral your circles in toward your belly button.
 If its tender anywhere ease off with the pressure.
We are nourishing ourselves into health, no need to bully our body.
 Close your eyes, still 30 seconds to go, and simply circle into the navel and again larger circles spiraling back out following the hips and ribs.
 Lengthen the exhalation that little more…. effortlessly so.
 You are now in the second brain (abdomen)…… listen with your hands.
 And stop.
 For the last 5 seconds feel all the fresh healthy blood flow from the core to the extremities! Your arms and legs will get a rush!

Imagine how its affecting your digestion and not to mention your glorious womb space.

I told you you’d thank me!

Andrea Lopez can be contacted at www.mayanhealing.com.au

If you would like to learn more about healing your uterus and connecting to the woman behind the mother, Andrea, Elizabeth and Zoe have collaborated their extensive skills to bring you the Natural Healing for Mums workshop in November where you can learn ways to help your children and also YOURSELF