Chakra balancing for health

Each of us has an aura, which is an energy field that surrounds our body. Chakras are centres of energy that stem from the spine and vibrate through the different layers of our aura. The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘wheel’.

There are seven major chakras: Base; Sacral; Solar Plexus; Heart; Throat; Third Eye; and Crown.

When a chakra is closed, life force energy cannot travel to the area and this can affect our physical and emotional health. For example, if the throat chakra is closed, a person may have a sore throat or a tight neck and may find it hard to communicate.

Each chakra is multi coloured, containing the full light spectrum and is not visible to the naked eye. Some clairvoyants are able to see the chakras and have established that each one has a predominant colour. (see chart below)

Chakra Balancing Kit chakras diagram


If your base chakra is imbalanced you need to ground yourself and connect to the earth. Try gardening, pottery, art and walking bare foot on the earth.

The base chakra responds to the sensations in the physical body so massage, touching and caressing your skin will help to balance it.


The sacral chakra relates to your creativity. We ‘give birth’ to new ideas when this chakra is balanced. Value your creative side and write your ideas down or brainstorm them with a friend. Look to others for inspiration by visiting a gallery or museum, listening to music or reading a biography of an inspirational person.


When your solar plexus chakra is unbalanced you need to protect your energy field. Visualize a mirror between yourself and others reflecting back their energy. You can imagine yourself surrounded by light, which cannot be penetrated by other people’s thoughts, words or deeds.


The heart chakra needs forgiveness to help it heal. Forgiving someone does not mean condoning their behavior as right but letting go of the hurt that they have caused you. Imagine that person opposite you and tell them how hurt you are. Then imagine saying, “I forgive you.”


The centre of the heart chakra relates to how we feel about ourselves. It is connected to our self-love and self worth. Allow yourself to be forgiven for past actions that you cannot change. Release your judgment of whether you are right or wrong.


The throat chakra relates to communication and how we express ourselves. Everyday have time to write some thoughts, feelings and ideas in a journal. If you feel unable to speak your feelings then try some singing lessons or attend public speaking classes to find your voice or even just read out loud at home.


This chakra is about trusting your intuition. This means taking the time to listen to your inner voice and trust that it is ok to follow what you feel. Meditation can help calm you mind so you can clearly see what is right for you. Keeping a dream journal can help you notice messages from your intuition.


A crown chakra imbalance indicates that you have no peace in your life. You need to give yourself space and time to sit quietly and replenish your energy.


In Progressive Kinesiology, we test the chakra system to see which chakra is unbalanced and then use colour as the main healing tool to rebalance this energy centre.

Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment to have your chakras balanced.