Create your own rituals

It is a time of wonder, for peace and for sharing love.  However sometimes organising or just being a part of celebrations can be quite overwhelming and stressful.  If the rollercoaster of it all seems daunting and stressful, rather than trying to control it, remind yourself to let go, go with the flow and enjoy the ride.  And if you feel that some celebrations are too cheesy or too commercial then take the opportunity to create your own rituals this year.

Involve the people you love, do something fun, take a trip to the beach, dance, have a bonfire or write down your dreams!  Make it your own and make it memorable.  Take the time away from work completely.  Fully enjoy it and feel everything flow so much better as a result.

Celebration brings ease and rest into your life.  It feeds your emotional connection to your life and the people in it.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, people all over the world celebrate and fill their homes with vibrant happiness energies.  This collective energy is there for you to tap into and fill yourself and your home with this positive vibe.  By adding to this with your own celebration you are adding to the yang qi (positive, active energy) surrounding you.

Never wait for things to be finished or perfect before you celebrate.  Make your life a celebration of all the things you have achieved, all your hopes for the future and always celebrate the love you have in your life.

Here are a few additional supports for you to choose from:

Affirmations can be repeated like an internal mantra, try saying to yourself

Love is all around me

I am the calm in the storm

I choose celebration over chaos

Crystals can also help us connect to ourselves: Rose Quartz – my personal favorite, helps open up your heart to love and creates a feeling of unconditional love for others. Perfect for big group gatherings.  Or just a simple Clear Quartz crystal can help keep your mind calm and sharp when you have lots to organize.

Flower Essences help see me through the holidays:  The Bach Flower essence Elm helps when we feel we are overwhelmed and have too much responsibility.  The North American flower essence Zinnia is also perfect for this time of year as it allows us to connect to our light-hearted inner child energy. Great when we feel like it has been all work and no play and we now need to switch into our social self.

Don’t forget to stay protected energetically when you are out and about. Imagine a gold light around you if you feel overwhelmed in a crowd or try our Balanced Home Energy Spray for cleansing your environment from negativity.

Whatever you chose to do stay grounded and have fun!