Endless Exhaustion

Fatigue is a condition most of us experience at some point in our lives, often after a period of illness or stress. However for some people this exhaustion is ongoing and gets to the point that it interferes with everyday life. Persistent tiredness could be a thyroid problem, anaemia, depression or another underlying condition, such as a virus or parasitic infection. Another diagnosis could be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which has associated symptoms of muscular pain, lack of concentration and depression.

Although diet plays a crucial role in healing your body from exhaustion, there are often emotional factors at play.

The need to sleep can indicate a desire to escape from reality. Have you been pushing yourself too hard, maybe in the wrong direction? Perhaps you have been working hard in a job not suited to your spirit.

Maybe you are a perfectionist and never happy with your efforts. These issues can leave you exhausted and uninspired. Are you feeling weary with all you have to do? Do you secretly wish you were doing something else?

Try saying the following affirmations to yourself:

I have unlimited energy and release any blocks to its flow

I allow others to see me as strong and healthy

I am able to enjoy everyday of my life

I feel awake and refreshed

Everyday I get clearer and stronger

Flower essences are also a simple, natural way to unblock your energy potential.

The Australian Bush essence Macrocarpa, is said to help your adrenal glands when you are burnt out and the English Bach essence Oak is to help you know when to stop and rest when you have been pushing yourself too hard.


Amy constantly wanted to sleep. She would fall asleep as soon as she sat down, waking several hours later and realising she had missed her day’s activities. At only 19 years old and studying for a degree, her exhaustion was destroying her life.

Amy’s body told me that it was afraid of her own success. After achieving highly at school there was a lot of expectation on her to continue to achieve, both from her family and herself. She had failed the first year of her degree and subconsciously hoped that this would lower everyone’s expectations and take the pressure off her. Being so successful was actually weakening Amy rather than strengthening her!

Amy needed the flower essence Macrocarpa to help her adrenal glands, which were exhausted from the pressure of studying and trying to please her family. She needed to make an empowered choice that she was studying for a degree to help herself develop and grow and that her family being proud was just a byproduct of this.

I advised Amy to cut out sugar from her diet. She was feeding herself on a student budget which seemed to consist of cheap white bread, packets of biscuits and chocolate. She also didn’t feel very confident in the kitchen as her mother had cooked for her up until
 the last year. We talked about having stir fry vegetables that would be quick and easy to prepare and increasing her protein with cans of tuna and cheese. Although bananas may be sometimes out of her budget, I suggested she have those as a special treat instead of chocolate.

One month later Amy rang to say she had enough energy to study and no longer needed to sleep in the daytime. She was beginning to study for herself as a choice, not because she was expected to which was freeing up her energy flow.