Fear of Flying

After having spent over 40hours in a plane this last fortnight, I thought a blog about coping with flying is much needed!  I really enjoy flying as I get to sit and read while people bring me food and drink (albeit rather crap food),  and I love the feeling of going really fast and being closer to the moon! But recycled air is totally gross and being in close proximity to 300 people farting and coughing isn’t my idea of a good night, but it must be a nightmare if you also feel anxious and fearful. So here are some holistic tips to help you reduce your fear so you can sit back and enjoy the flight:


  • Foods rich in calcium are calming and help lower blood pressure: dairy products, fish with soft bones such as tinned salmon and sardines, broccoli and almonds.
  • Magnesium helps muscles to relax. Try whole grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables.
  • Foods containing B group of vitamins, such as eggs, cheese, avocados, whole grains and milk can help calm your nervous system.
  • Chamomile tea may help you relax.
  • WATER – staying dehydrated is especially important while flying. In Chinese medicine the seat of fear is in the kidneys so they believe staying hydrated keeps kidney energy strong and fear at bay.


  • Caffeine, especially coffee increases anxiety. Chocolate, tea and cola also contain caffeine. Even decaffeinated versions contain some caffeine.
  • Alcohol affects the central nervous system and anxiety can occur when you sober up. No one wants jet lag and a hangover!
  • Sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white bread and white rice give you a high after eating but you may feel a low when this wears off.


Available to purchase in most pharmacies and health food stores, you can buy rescue remedy in chewing gum, lozenge, liquid dropper or spray. The chewing gum is be perfect for a flight where you can’t carry much liquids and chewing on take off and descent can help your ears equalize.


Affirmations are positive statements that can be repeated as a mantra in your head. Feel free to right your own affirmations or add your name in to the sentence. For example, “I, Elizabeth, release all fears.”


I release all fears.

I raise my vibration beyond the energy of fear.

I now no longer allow fear to rule my life.


It is safe for me to trust others.

I forgive people who have let me down in the past.

I trust that the universe/God/divine intelligence always looks after me.


Everything works perfectly, in the right way, at the right time.

It is safe to relinquish control.

I open to new possibilities.


I feel safe and secure at all times.

It is safe for me to experience new things.

I recognize that I need to change in order to live fully.

I am learning to feel comfortable in smaller spaces.


Creating a safe place to go to in your head is a great way to help relax your mind. This will be a different for everyone. Examples of safe places to imagine are on a beautiful sandy beach or in a lush green garden. Close your eyes and imagine the sights, smell, noises and feel of your favorite place to go. Focus on the natural aspects of this place as it is easy to feel disconnected from nature when surrounded by all the technical and electrical wiring of the plane.


Some pure essential oils claim to have relaxing properties.

Lavender, Marjoram, Geranium are most highly regarded.

Take some with you to smell on the flight or pop some on a tissue.

The sensation of smell goes straight to our emotional regions of the brain and can help us relax instantly. It may also be very pleasant if you have been traveling for a while and not feeling very fresh!

I use Your Balanced Immunity Mist on flights as there are heaps of germs on the plane and the smell is divine and the mist freshens me up straight away. Check it out here: https://yourbodyhastheanswer.com/product/balanced-immunity-energy-mist/


Playing a favorite piece of music or a meditation downloaded on to your phone can be great for engaging your sense of hearing and reminding you to relax. Don’t forget audio books can also be purchased and these may be more relaxing as you can shut your eyes and close off all public noise. Investing in some noise-cancelling headphones is fantastic for shutting out a lot of the engine noise too.

So now there is no excuse not to travel and have some new fun experiences, including a happy flight!