Feeling under the weather?

During the winter months there are a lot of different viruses looking for nice warm hosts and your body can provide a lovely environment for them if you are not looking after yourself properly. Even though prevention is better than cure, there are a few things you can do to naturally support yourself if you do contract a cold virus.

To allow the cold virus to enter your body your immune system must be run down. Perhaps you need some time out to rest and regroup. Maybe you have taken on too much and you need to delegate some of your responsibilities. Watery eyes and a runny nose are the same symptoms we get when we cry, so is it possible that you have suppressed some tears? Are you crying out for some love and attention or just need a good cry?

The English flower essence ELM – Feeling weighed down by your daily responsibility. To give you self assurance and confidence. Or the Australian Bush flower essence PAW PAW – for feeling overwhelmed. To help you have clarity.

Repeat the following AFFIRMATIONS daily to yourself:

  1. I am able to take care of myself even when I am busy
  2. My head is clear and calm
  3. I allow myself guilt free time to relax


FOOD STRATEGIES: Foods rich in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits, kiwi, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, red capsicum and berries, can help enhance immunity.

Echinacea tincture is very effective at boosting your immune system. Bioforce make a beautiful tincture for colds and flu.

Avoid Alcohol and caffeine which will stimulate your cold and dairy products which encourage mucus production. Bananas and Oats and wheat based products may also encourage mucus in some people.

Your HEART CHAKRA over the centre of your chest vibrates at the colours of green and pink. This energy centre can become blocked when you have a cold. Wearing the colours green and pink can help support this energy. Or what about treating yourself to some pink flowers with green foliage!

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Emily came to see me suffering from frequent colds and coughs especially in the winter. As a school teacher she believed it was because she was “working around germs all day”.

Her heart chakra was weak and she needed the colour pink. Emily admitted she wore lots of pink in the summer but never in the winter so we agreed a pink scarf would be on her shopping list.

Emotionally Emily was overloaded. As a full time teacher with two children of her own to care for, she struggled to balance her tasks. She said she felt exhausted every evening but after she got her own children to bed she had to sit and mark homework. She often felt unsure that she would make it to the end of term without collapsing.

Emily’s frequent colds were her way of asking for help, making her go more slowly and having an excuse not to perform at 100%.

We used the Bach flower essence Elm to help her feel less overwhelmed by her many responsibilities.

After three months Emily reported that she had no colds and felt healthier than she had for years.