Is fear affecting your Kidney health?

As it is World Kidney Day (10 March) let’s look at these hard working organs.

They are responsible for cleansing your blood and Chinese Medicine tell us they relate to our sexual confidence. But did you know that kidneys are also the seat of fear?

Your kidneys resonate with the vibration of fear, particularly when it comes to relationships where we feel emotionally insecure.

Perhaps you are in a relationship and you sense that something is wrong or your subconscious recognizes a problem. You may not face this problem head on as you are fearful for what it may mean.

FEAR is an acronym for Future Expectation Appearing Real. As we know from experience what we fear often doesn’t happen, even though are imagination has created all sort of worrying possible future scenarios.

In response to fear the adrenal glands (situated on top of your kidneys) will start producing adrenaline into your blood system. This adrenaline may either prompt you to take action or paralyse you and make you want to bury your head in the sand and suppress your fear in order to continue on with your day-to-day life.

This stress on your kidneys may start affecting your joints with issues such as gout (pain in your joints, especially your big toe) meaning you may find yourself physically unable to move forward, mirroring your emotional state of being paralysed with fear.

Ask yourself what are your fears about what may lie ahead?

What is the worst thing that can happen? What skills/resources do you have to cope with this?

Do you have courage? Are you brave?

What if your fear doesn’t happen?

Are you repressing your fears?

Are you putting on a brave face in order to do well in life?

Once you realize and recognize your fear you have nearly overcome it. When you can see that it is just FEAR and not actually true you can get it go.

You can also use the Bach flower essence AGRIMONY. It is used for suppressing fear and putting on a brave face and this can help you let go of your negative feelings. Your local healthfood shop or pharmacy may have some in stock. Or try the Bach Rescue Remedy blend.

Also try some meridian tracing as shown in the photo. By increasing the flow of Kidney energy by gently stroking this line, from the sole of your foot to the top of your breast bone, you can help create the vibration of courage to overcome your fear.