It’s getting pretty noisy out there.

Are you feeling that the world is getting very loud?

Social media platforms, TV and radio news outlets, 24/7 bombardments with opinions and theories on the current events…..

As certain voices are being censored, banned and cancelled and unelected voices are given more screen time, many people are going mad trying to decipher what is true and right for them. I know. I hear people tell me this everyday in my clinic. The world’s energy is intensifying and you maybe feeling this as exhaustion, noises in your ears, unexplained symptoms and a sense that something is wrong.

How do you protect yourself from this maddening noise?

  • Spend as much time in nature as you can. The beach is wonderful but trees are even better.
  • Limited your social media time to 20 minutes maximum a day.
  • Once a week have at least 1 social media free day.
  • Play uplifting music in your car, NOT the radio.
  • Watch comedy shows and funny movies, NOT the news.
  • Practice meditation, yoga or breath work to keep yourself centered.
  • Use flower essences, crystal bowls or reiki to keep your energy high.
  • Hang out with friends and agree not to mention the V or C words for the evening.
  • Respect other people’s opinions and decisions, they may not be as informed as you might be.
  • Have Kinesiology balances to clear any blocks in your energy field.
  • Use sage or clearing sprays to keep your home free from negative vibrations.
  • Ask for help, reach out if you are struggling. There are many wonderful professional organizations ready to help 24/7.
  • Protect your energy field by imagining a bubble of gold light around you or imagine yourself standing in a five pointed star. Do this especially before entering a crowded area.
  • When coming home stand in front of your door and imagine a rainbow shower of light pouring over your body, washing away anything you have picked up.

Stay strong and true to who you are. You are allowed to have your own beliefs, even if they are different to people you love. Keep safe and sane by connecting to your inner self whenever possible and drowning out the noise.