Money Matters

Would it be okay if life got a little easier?

Twenty-twenty has broken so many of us. We watched the world descend into chaos in disbelief and uncertainty. But as it did a common theme emerged for many: How can we afford it?

Many of my clients secretly want more money but are filled with negative judgments around craving more. When we delve deeper we discover not having enough is a kind of dis-empowerment that fills them with worry or anxiety.

When things are difficult for us we find ourselves in envy of others, that money seems to flow better for them, why not us?

We are hanging onto negative thoughts that may have been passed down to us from our parents, society or others. The good news is, there is something you can do about it.

By clearing your old beliefs about money, you can connect to money in a way you never thought possible!

When we ask for more money we are actually looking for more freedom, a better job and the desire to help others.

In order to increase your abundance we ask some deep questions. Such as how your parents or how societies ideas have shaped your thoughts around money. Perhaps you have personally experienced negative associations to loosing money.

By asking these questions you are on your way to clearing the blocks you have developed over time. With practical tools you can change your mindset and increase your abundance. It is an uplifting process to dump the thoughts that have been weighing us down for so long.

I have tried and tested these techniques for nearly 30 years with private clients and in my workshops.

I am no longer providing one on one consultations but am continually empowering others through a collection of online courses.

If you aren’t yet living your best life, if you would like more wealth and abundance then take a look here:


Raving Reviews:

“I have completed many courses on the subject of money but found Elizabeth’s’ perspective and unique techniques the most helpful. I especially loved the thought provoking questions in the personal journal which gave a deep insight into my money blocks”. Tracy Terry

“Until I did this course with Elizabeth, I never realised just how disconnected I was to the energy of money and the negative beliefs I had about money. This all changed for me by gaining the awareness and using the simple and effective techniques provided in the course. It was a fun way to lighten my outlook on money”. Kacey Griggs

“Even for someone who had previously undertaken money workshops, I found Elizabeth’s course so insightful and well laid out with the practical application at the end making it particularly worthwhile.” Chamilka Jayawardana