Is it your emotions or your diet making you constipated?

kinesiology constipation help

Donna had suffered with constipation for five years. A colonoscopy had revealed nothing wrong, so she had been relying on laxatives to help. She was leading a very busy life – trying to manage the financial responsibilities of her own business along with caring for her much-loved pet horses. During the consultation, Donna told me that her constipation worsened when she was travelling. As we discussed this further, she admitted that she worried about whether her horses would be looked after properly while she was away. She also said she was afraid her business wouldn’t cope without her in the office. We used the affirmation “I trust my needs are met wherever I am” and the flower essence Cherry Plum, for fear of being out of control.

Her body also tested sensitive to wheat, which Donna removed from her diet for 28 days before gradually reintroducing it. Months after her treatment, Donna reported that she had been able to travel aboard without worrying about her business or horses – and that her bowel movements were regular and pain free.

What is constipation? Everyone has different definitions of constipation but most practitioners would agree that a healthy person should experiencing one to two bowel movements a day. Without releasing waste from the body on a regular basis, toxins can become absorbed into the blood stream resulting in tiredness, headaches and bloating. Chronic constipation can result in abdominal pain and health complications.

The conventional approach As with Donna’s case, many people will use laxatives to address the issue of constipation. Although this may cause short-term relief, there can be side effects such as bloating and cramping. More serious side effects include damage to the muscular function of the bowel, kidney stones, and severe dehydration. Other conventional medicine approaches include fibre supplements, stimulants, lubricants, stool softeners, ostmotics and saline laxatives. There are also manual and surgical procedures that can be used to treat severe constipation. 

The kinesiology approach. There are a number of causes for constipation including disease, poor diet, side effects from medication and lack of exercise. This type of ailment can also occur in the body due to emotional and environmental factors – as with Donna’s case. Progressive Kinesiology allows you to ask your body what is causing the issue and to find the best way of treating it. There are several healing tools that I use to treat clients with constipation. The first thing to do is to use muscle testing to ask the client’s body what it needs to heal itself. Once the body has spoken, the treatment can begin. Here are some healing tools that I have used to help clients suffering from constipation:

Mind Body Awareness Constipation is an unconscious refusal to let go. Often this is due to feeling out of control or having a fear of the unknown. It is common to experience this ailment while travelling. Are you holding onto memories from the past? Can you forgive and forget? Is it possible to let go of your need to be right? Are too busy to go to the toilet? Do you allow yourself time and space to relax?  

Flower Essences  Cherry Plum (English) – For overcoming fear of loss of control. Bottlebrush (Australian) – For feeling overwhelmed by change. To help you let go.

Affirmations “I release the need to be in control” “I let go. I am safe” “I trust my needs are met wherever I am”  

Crystal Healing Bloodstone Sunshine Aura Quartz Orange Calcite  

Pure Essential Oils Fennel, Black Pepper, Coriander – used as massage oils or added to a warm bath.

Other Supports Meridian tracing, neurolymphatic massage points, neurovascular holding points, reflexology, jogging or walking.

Foods to Eat

  • Drink lots of water to flush the toxins through your body.
  • Aim for ten different types of fruit and vegetables each day to soften your stools.
  • Potassium in bananas and rhubarb can help with muscle contraction in the intestines.
  • Prunes are a great natural laxative.

 Foods to Avoid

  • Wheat and gluten can be linked to constipation so try to avoid refined flours in breads, biscuits, pasta and cakes.
  • The protein in red meat and eggs can slow down digestion.
  • Dairy products like cheese, milk, cream and ice cream are high in fat / low in fibre and can cause constipation.

Chakra Balancing Constipation relates to the Base Chakra (red). When this chakra is unbalanced there’s a need to ground oneself and connect with the earth. Try gardening, art, pottery or walking with bare feet on the grass. This chakra responds to physical sensations so you can also massage and caress your skin to help balance this energy.

To learn how to test yourself for the right treatment for your constipation, or other common conditions check out my book YOUR BODY HAS THE ANSWER – A GUIDE TO SELF-TESTING WITH KINESIOLOGY.