Are you hosting parasites?

parasites in your body

Are you hosting unwanted parasites in your body? It is much more common than you think.  Do you have symptoms of of parasitic infection that are overlooked by the medical profession? Do you eat sushi, raw meat? Do you kiss your pets?! Do you like to travel overseas to exotic destinations?

There is a widespread incidence of people currently affected by parasites.  The condition is often undiagnosed as the symptoms can also be related to other diseases.

Some of the reasons for the epidemic of parasitic infection are:

  • The rise in international travel
  • Contamination of water supplies
  • Increasing use of daycare centres for babies
  • Influx of immigrants
  • Return of armed forces from overseas
  • Popularity of household pets
  • Popularity of exotic regional foods
  • Use of antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs
  • Sexual revolution

The symptoms that can be created by parasites are:


Some parasites are so large that they block the intestinal tract or the common bile duct.


Certain parasites, primarily protozoa, produce a hormone-like substance which creates sodium and chloride loss that leads to frequent watery stools.  So diarrhoea is a function of the parasite rather than the body trying to rid itself.

Gas and Bloating

Some parasites live in the upper small intestine.


Parasites can inflame the intestinal walls causing mal-absorption of nutrients.

Joint aches and pains

Parasites can live in joint fluid and encyst in muscles.


Leeching nutrient from the host can cause bleeding so severe the person can become anaemic.


If the intestinal wall perforates there will be increased bowel permeability to large undigested molecules, causing an immune response.

Skin Conditions

Hives, rashes, eczema and ulcers can all result from parasites.

Other Symptoms may include:

Nervousness, hyperactivity, sleep disturbance, teeth grinding and chronic fatigue.

If you think you may be hosting some parasites please talk to your healthcare professional.

Increasing your intake of garlic, paw paw and pumpkin seeds can support your body when parasites are actively giving you symptoms.

Anne Louise Gittleman’s book “Guess what came to dinner?” is a great book on finding out more about how parasites effect your health.