Testimonials for Your Child’s Body Has The Answer

I have received some beautiful feedback and testimonials, which I would love to share, in response to my new book Your Child’s Body Has The Answer.


“We have got into the habit of sitting with your children’s book in the evening, and asking what the kids need. They both love meridian tracing, massage and holding points. Jack and I actually read a couple of pages together. He needed his central meridian traced so I showed him how to do this. He thought it was pretty cool!”

Rebecca Cummins

Becky's kids

Becky’s kids


“Michael was up late last night crying about all the things that were making him anxious. Seeing classmates again, new taxi driver (he goes to a special school) and all those things that made us all nervous going back to school after summer holidays. Because Michael is on the spectrum, all things are amplified when it comes to emotions. We massaged the reflexology points on page 117 and used Crowea, and Hey Presto! … his exact words “Ah, that feels good.” We also talked about using a bubble to surround himself and keep other peoples anxiety out and protect him from anything negative. But just like windows, the sunshine can still get in. I saw my son deal with his emotions this morning, not just cover them up so he can function, but actually deal with them. He was calm cool and collected when it was time to go. We were actually 15 minutes early getting ready. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED!!! Thanks Elizabeth! Love the book!!!!”

Roni Turner




“My 5 year old twin girls had recently started complaining of having a sore head and not feeling well on long car journeys & on boat travel (actually one of them was more than a little unwell on a recent boat trip which turned an island day trip into a bit of a disaster!)

I was a bit lost as neither had suffered with travel sickness before so I was really pleased that there was a section included in the book. I used surrogate testing on both girls separately before our next long car journey. One of my girls tested as needing the English flower Essence Scleranthus – to help disturbance of equilibrium. I gave her this flower essence before the journey. Both girls tested as needing their solar plexus chakra balanced which we did using a little visualisation process described in the book which focused on protection. Both girls also tested as needing motion sickness bands also suggested in the book.

Since implementing these natural remedies the girls haven’t complained of not feeling well when travelling since – bring on holidays!”

Renee Tattum

Renee's twins

Renee’s twins