What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the science of muscle monitoring to find imbalances in the body’s energy systems. Pronounced Kin-easy-ology it is one of the most holistic therapies available to you today. It is a non-invasive simple technique that involves you placing your arm and leg muscles in specific positions while gentle pressure is applied to them. From the results of these muscle tests, the cause of your imbalance can be found.

The Progressive Kinesiology system was co-founded in the United Kingdom in 2000 by Elizabeth Hughes. As an holistic approach, Progressive Kinesiology gives equal attention to the emotional, nutritional, physical and energetic needs of a client. It is different to some other branches of kinesiology, which may focus on only one of these areas.

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About Elizabeth – Creator of Your Body Has The Answer

Elizabeth Hughes

As co-founder of Progressive Kinesiology and Head of Progressive Kinesiology in the United Kingdom for ten years, Elizabeth came from a very science based approach to health, with a BA Hons degree in Psychology with Education.

Her journey into Kinesiology began in 1994 when she suffered chronic neck pain and after seeing various physical therapists and undergoing massage and manipulation without effect, she finally decided to see a kinesiologist.

During the session her perception of health was completely changed as she was told there was nothing physically wrong with her neck, it was all emotional in origin! By taking a flower essence to help her body heal, within an hour, her neck pain was gone. This inspired Elizabeth to train in kinesiology and she has never looked back.

She founded Your Body Has The Answer Pty Ltd to help share the power of Kinesiology and educate and motivate people to care for and listen to their own bodies.

Elizabeth has implemented school programs – using kinesiology techniques to empower children and help them with self-esteem and learning issues. She also holds Diplomas in Reflexology and Nutrition, is an Advanced Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner, a Registered Kinesiologist with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, a fully qualified Trainer and Assessor and has studied Cranio-sacral therapy and Aromatic Medicine.

Elizabeth is an International keynote speaker on Kinesiology and Body Typing, her recent clients include Jett’s Gym and Lorna Jane Head Offices. If you would like Elizabeth to speak at your event please contact us. Elizabeth lives with her husband and two sons on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

“Listen to your body and trust it, energy doesn’t lie. Every symptom you have is a message from your body trying to communicate something about you. If you can understand the message you can help yourself heal. Kinesiology gives you the tools to ask your body what the message is.”

Meet Our Team

Mara Vos Williams – Accounts

With over 10 years experience in accounting and business financials, Mara ensures Your Body Has The Answer’s accounts are up to date and in order. For any accounting queries she is the go to person. Mara enjoys cooking – always trying new raw food recipes for the whole family, reading, playing soccer and being a mum to her beautiful little girl. As a new mum she has experienced first hand how powerful kinesiology can be.

“Kinesiology has been a huge help to our family. After one session we were able to establish what was troubling our baby girl and were able to change things around through simple dietary changes.”

Renee Tattum – Online Learning Support

Renee is a qualified kinesiologist, trained by Elizabeth, who now helps Your Body Has the Answer with online course development and student support. Renee is also a qualified yoga teacher and uses her two passions – yoga and kinesiology – to help families keep healthy from her clinic at Golden Beach.

“Studying and working at Your Body has the Answer has transformed my life! I have learned a tremendous amount which enables me to help my family, friends and clients and I continue to be inspired to take care of my own health and well-being everyday. I love my job!”