Clarity Energy Mist


Are you often overwhelmed by life?

Do you struggle to learn new information?

Does your head hurt?

Are you confused as which direction to take?

This high energy mist helps you with clarity and focus when you are feeling overwhelmed. Spray abundantly above your head and around your body while repeating the following affirmation: “I see clearly what steps I need to take and choose to take one step at a time”.

Available in a 50ml cobalt blue glass bottle.


Our energy mists work on the many levels of our aura (our energy fields), using the healing power of flower essences, crystals and essential oils.

As our energy fields heal, this has an effect on the physical body allowing the relevant system to balance…..

All the ingredients have been muscle tested as positive, to fulfill their role on healing mental/emotional and energetic levels.

The mists are not specifically designed for their aroma (although they do smell nice!) but for the energy properties of the essential oils included.

All the crystal elixirs are made in accordance with the weather and moon cycles to increase their energy balancing potential.

As we balance our energy fields, our life force can flow through our auric levels, chakras and meridians and allow our physical body to have energy to heal.

Our body always wants to come back into a state of balance and our powerful energy mists will assist you.


The beautiful scent of peppermint oil stimulates the hippocampus area of the brain, which controls mental clarity and memory. The odor triggers you to wake up and pay attention. Shown in studies to boost alertness and concentration, even during driving, peppermint can help you feel refreshed and ready.

Shown in numerous studies to increase memory, this beautiful oil has brain boosting benefits. Not only smelling amazing, Rosemary has been shown to boost speed and accuracy in mental tasks.

Flowers don’t get much simpler and clearer than an adorable daisy! Allowing us to see the wood from the trees, the energy of this flower is perfect for research projects where we have lots of information confronting us and don’t know where to start.

For feeling certain about your decisions and trusting your own judgment. Cerato helps us when we constantly seek advice and approval from others. It shows us how intuitive and capable we actually are.

Wild oat supports us when we are unsatisfied that we have not found our mission in life. When we can’t find our direction or purpose, this amazingly powerful flower will help us recognize our potential and all our talents.

This stunning crystal is believed to be a mental stimulator as it clears energy blocks to the brain. It is thought to play a role in brain integration where both hemispheres act simultaneously, allowing us to have logic and intuition combined.

Important info:

  • Your Body Has The Answer mists are handmade in a private kitchen in Queensland, Australia and have not been evaluated by the TGA or similar authority.
  • All ingredient information given is for educational use only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any information given is our own opinion and is not intended to represent or replace the advice of a medical professional.
  • All mists are in a base of filtered water with a small amount of natural dispersant to help the oils and essences blend. All our oils are from Twenty8 who only use 6-star certified, pure organic essential oils. Their range is certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO).
  • All flower essences and gem elixirs are handmade by Your Body Has The Answer.
  • Mists contain a small amount of vodka that is used as a preservative during the flower essence and gem elixir making process.
  • Your Body Has The Answer is not responsible for improper use, reactions or results of this product.
  • Use these products at your own risk. and spot test for allergies 24 hours prior to use. Discontinue in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction.
  • Mists are for external use only and not to drink. Avoid spraying mists in the eyes or mouth.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • None of our products are tested on animals.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Your bathroom counter is a good place so you can mist your body at the start of each day before dressing.

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