What your farts are telling you

farts healthy diagnosis image

Flatulence can tell us a lot about our health.  A fart is caused by trapped air. The air could have come from bacteria in our gut or was swallowed during eating or drinking. We fart about 14 times a day on average but this can depend on what we eat. The brasscia family of vegetables which includes cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and Brussel sprouts have a reputation for producing more gas!

If your wind is noisy but not smelly, ‘loud and proud’, this means that you aren’t digesting carbohydrates fully.

If your wind is quiet but smelly, ‘silent but violent’, the digestion of protein is a problem.

If your wind is loud and possibly a little wet, then you may be having difficulty digesting fats.

A broad spectrum digestive enzyme can be bought from the pharmacy or health food store and is taken with meals to help the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This can help you feel more comfortable and produce less trapped gas.

Activated charcoal can also be purchased which helps remove excess gas from the digestive tract – great if you are feeling bloated as well.