The power of sound

One of the awesome tools I have available to offer my clients is healing with sound. Sound vibrations pass through our body and environment having either a positive or negative effect on our energy and thus music forms an important part of many religious and tribal ceremonies.

Music has a great effect on our emotions and has been the study of many psychological experiments. When people have emotional attachments to songs which evoke specific memories, just a few bars of the song can make them cry. We associate sound with specific events such as hymns in church, anthems at football games and lift music played to calm the listener!

The Mozart Effect, a book by Don Campbell, explains the effect that certain pieces of classical music have on our brain cells. The music actually helps our bodies make new nerve cells! The music of Mozart and Bach in particular are excellent for this.

Rock music such as AC/DC can also boost your brainpower if it is your preferred genre. Researchers at a Scottish university found that, contrary to popular belief, children who listen to loud rock while swotting for exams are probably improving their chances of success. While a number of researchers have associated rock music with depression or anger, these effects do not occur when rock is the listener’s musical preference

Using tuning forks, chanting, singing and music in my clinic has been very helpful for some clients in making shifts in their health. In my search for new ways of supporting with sound I have connected with Contimusic an amazing company based in Italy who have some wonderful music and guided meditations to download. I will let them introduce themselves to you……..

Hello from Chris and Tom Conti, aka ContiMusic!  First we would like to thank Elizabeth for allowing us to post on her blog.  Blog writing is not something we usually do as composers/artists.  While the name ContiMusic is relatively new, we have been making music therapy albums since 2007.  We publish a variety of albums and are mostly dedicated to health and well-being.  One of our albums, EMDR Music Therapy, is for those who are working through mental or emotional disorders such as; PTSD, anxiety, panic disorder, emotional imbalances among other mental health related symptoms.

There have been many studies done on the effects of music and sound on the brain.  Techniques such as binaural stimulation, bilateral stimulation, isochronic tones and brainwave entrainment have all been found to have positive effects on the brain and we use a variety of these techniques within our compositions.  Our music was never intended to replace any type of therapy or medication but, to be used by patients at home to help them between therapy appointments to relax and recuperate from stress.

Music in itself can be a very helpful tool.  It can motivate you, lift your spirits when you are down, ease physical and mental pain and certain pieces can be so emotionally moving they will bring you a tearful stress release.  We believe that our albums will find their use in many settings and invite you to sample the music on our website.