Acne – Look I’m not perfect!

Having acne, or even just a few spots, can cause great distress and is a sign of hormones changing, toxins in the body and emotional stress.

Spots can occur at any age, predominately on the face. But outbreaks on the back, chest and shoulders are usual too. Hormones during the teenage years, pregnancy, during menstruation and menopause are common times.

Obviously hormone imbalances can be highlighted at these times and this shows mainly as spots around the chin and jaw line. But these times are also when we may start to feel not good enough or that we are not ‘perfect’. Acne is a way of showing the world that we aren’t perfect – “look how gross I am!”, “will you love me warts and all?”

Some examples may be: teenagers doing exams and trying to be perfect to fit in with their social group and impress their parents; pregnant women worried about whether they will be a good mother; going through the menopause worried about loss of desire and feelings of not achieving enough in earlier life.

If the spots are very red and ‘angry’, they can represent suppressed irritation. You are seething under the surface, but trying to keep a lid on it. Literally our skin is our barrier hiding our insides from the world, but some emotions are so strong that they are hard to hide and break through our skin. Interestingly we  call acne “having a outbreak”.

As acne often occurs at these major hormone changes, it can be related to our sexuality. We may feel ashamed about our sexual feelings or disconnected from them, and our skin looking bad helps us avoid sexual encounters as we may not feel desirable.

So let’s look at using some natural supports to heal our skin:


Repeat any of the following affirmations that resonate with you, morning and night for 28 days.

  1. My skin is clear and toxin free.
  2. I am best friends with myself.
  3. My inner beauty shines through my skin.
  4. I am comfortable with my sexuality.
  5. I am good enough just as I am.
  6. I release all emotions blocking my skin
  7. My skin is in perfect health.


Zinc rich foods can help skin healing such as beef, pork, liver, eggs, nuts and cheese. Try and eat organic meats which will effect your hormone balance less.

Vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits, broccoli, kiwi, and berries can help boost your immune system and keep acne causing bacteria at bay.

Think about toxins in your skin care products that may be blocking your skin from healing and toxins in your environment. They could be putting extra stress on your liver.  Alcohol, fatty foods, smoking, being in a polluted area can also stress your liver and create stress in your skin.

Food sensitives can also play a role in your skin health, a kinesiology session can see which foods are draining your energy.

Thinking about treating acne from the inside out with mental, chemical and lifestyle changes is going to help you more than just popping on another face mask! Kinesiology can support you in this journey.

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