Reiki Master Level


  • If you would like to extend and deepen your healing, so you may share the gift of Reiki with others, then Reiki Masters level is right for you.
  • The Masters level will offer you the opportunity to be able to run your own Reiki workshops, attuning others to First Degree, Second Degree and Masters Levels.
  • You will receive a Masters attunement and learn new symbols and techniques including psychic surgery, removing attachments from the aura and using the Violet Breath.
  • The group is small and intimate to allow full supervision.  You will receive a beautifully illustrated, full colour manual with a step-by-step guide to giving attunements.   You also receive copies of all the manuals that you can adapt to run your own workshops with.
  • The International Institute of Complementary Therapists recognizes your Reiki Masters certificate and will in turn allow your own graduates to gain membership and insurance to practice Reiki.
  • Elizabeth teaches the Usui Reiki system and would love to share this powerful modality with you on our next gathering.

Price: includes full colour manual and refreshments

Date: Thursday 17th October 2024

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Venue: Peregian Springs

When you book on a workshop you will automatically receive a receipt from the website. This is your confirmation of booking. No further emails will be sent unless there is a change to the advertised program. Please just arrive at the venue on the time and date for the workshop. We look forward to sharing with you!




“The Reiki Masters workshop was such a wonderful experience. As we progressed through the manual there was ample time to take it all in and ask any questions.
The attunement felt very special indeed and has provided me with new healing techniques that have already been so beneficial for my clients. I feel that all my healing skills have been amplified! I am very excited and inspired to be able to teach all levels of Reiki and spread the Love and Healing.”

Janelle Russell

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