Pendulums for dowsing

Have you ever used pendulums to ask questions? The ancient art of dowsing can be really helpful when you don’t know the answers but you trust you can tune into your higher self and channel the subconscious answer through a pendulum.

I recommend using crystal pendulums,there are so many gorgeous ones to chose from. But some pendulums are made of metal or glass, and you could even use a button or a ring hanging off a piece of cotton, as long as it is heavy enough!

Before you use a pendulum, you need to cleanse and activate it.

There are several ways you can choose to cleanse your pendulum. One of these methods needs to be completed before you use the pendulum for the first time and then also after each time you use, it to keep it energetically clean.

Choose which method is easiest for you from the list below:

  • Use a singing bowl – hold your pendulum over the bowl while you ring it, so the sound vibrations will clear it.
  • Use “Your Balanced Home Energy Mist” – a quick spritz of this clearing spray will instantly cleanse your pendulum.
  • Hold your pendulum over a white candle burning, not so close it touches the flame but just above it so the fire can cleanse it.
  • Burn a sage stick and allow the smoke to flow over the pendulum.
  • You could also pop the crystal in a bowl of salt water but the water may damage the metal chain over time, so only pop it in there for 30 seconds with the chain out of the water as much as possible.

When you have cleansed your pendulum, you are ready to activate it. This is simply done by spending some time connecting with it. Carry it in your pocket for a few days, sleep with it under your pillow. The pendulum needs to carry your energy so when you ask it a question it can respond from your body’s intuition and wisdom.

Now you are ready to use your pendulum!

Find a quiet space to sit with your pendulum. Keep your feet flat on the floor with your arms uncrossed. You may like to say a short prayer before you begin, to help clear your mind and focus your attention.

Hold your pendulum between your thumb and first finger at the end of the chain with the crystal hanging down. Don’t hold it in the middle of the chain. Keep your arm/hand still, so the pendulum is not moving.

Ask your pendulum to show you a YES response. Notice the direction the pendulum moves in. For example: clockwise, side –to-side, anticlockwise.

Ask your pendulum to show you a NO response. Note the direction the pendulum moves in. For example: clockwise, side –to-side, anticlockwise.

The direction in moves in is different for everyone. The pendulum is working with your energy frequency and therefore you may get a clockwise, anticlockwise or side to side motion, that is different to others.

Ask simple questions that only have clear YES or NO answers and see what direction your pendulum swings. If the answer is DON’T KNOW then your pendulum will stay stationary. In this case you need to reword and rephrase your question.

Your body knows the answer to the question you are asking, but you may not consciously know, so channeling your energy down through the pendulum will provide you with the answer.

If you have purchased one of our Your Body Has The Answer crystal pendulums you will have received a Chakra Dowsing Chart. Hold your pendulum over each chakra area and ask your pendulum to indicate a YES if this chakra is out of balance in you.

If you get a YES response then you can ask do you need the recommended Affirmation, Colour Gem, Crystal or Essential Oil. Ask with your pendulum to get a YES or NO response for each of these beautiful chakra healing tools.

Happy dowsing!

chakra pendulum dowsing