Balance Your Brain Energy

As we head into exam time for many students, I wanted to focus on how natural methods can be used to support our learning and brain power.


Cross crawl exercises involve crossing the mid-line of the body with the arms and legs as if you were crawling along the floor– (a developmental stage that is now often lacking in early childhood). Crawling is so important for development and can have an enormous impact on higher learning concepts like reading, comprehension, writing and math. But it is never too late to get the brain and body coordinated!

To perform cross crawl (without crawling around the floor!) you need to make your hand (or elbow) tap your opposite knee, so you are crossing over the body. So cross right hand to left knee and then left hand to right knee. Repeat this for at least 30 crosses.

Another exercise is using the hand to tap the opposite foot, which kicks back behind the body. Even reaching down the to tap the opposite foot with the hand is an effective cross crawl exercise. The exercises can be performed with eyes open and eyes closed for further coordination and balancing,

Performing a combination of the cross crawl exercises 10 times each using alternating legs and arms for 20 minutes each day can produce significant improvements in many areas. For example, improved concentration, enhanced learning, improved circulation of lymph, help dyslexia, reduce stress, better coordination and increased focus and energy.

Cross crawl exercises can be just as effective for adults as children.


Try repeating the following affirmations every morning to boost brain energy -you could say them while doing cross crawl exercises:

I release all pressure around learning.

My left and right brain hemispheres are perfectly coordinated.

I can easily recall information when I need to.

My memory gets better and better every day.

My mind is calm and clear.



Daisies are the sweetest and simplest of flowers. They grow so abundantly and bring a message of simplicity and clarity to the planet. Allowing us to see the wood from the trees, the energy of daisy is perfect for research projects where we have lots of information confronting us and don’t know where to start. Daisy helps us to take one step at a time.

The energy of the Olive tree helps us find our peace and rejuvenation when we are exhausted. If everything feels like an effort and your mind and body are fatigued, olive can help much needed sleep to renew your brain power. It is particularly helpful if we have been caring for someone else for a long time and haven’t got enough energy to fulfill our own needs.

YOUR BALANCED BRAIN EBOOK is also packed with other ideas to help you study and retain information.


YOUR BALANCED BRAIN MIST contains DAISY and OLIVE flower essences in a powerful combination with:

This stunning crystal is believed to be a mental stimulator as it clears energy blocks to the brain. It is thought to play a role in brain integration where both hemispheres act simultaneously, allowing us to have logic and intuition combined.

The beautiful scent of peppermint oil stimulates the hippocampus area of the brain, which controls mental clarity and memory. The odor triggers you to wake up and pay attention. Shown in studies to boost alertness and concentration, even during driving, peppermint can help you feel refreshed and ready.

Shown in numerous studies to increase memory, this beautiful oil has brain boosting benefits. Not only smelling amazing, Rosemary has been shown to boost speed and accuracy in mental tasks.


Good luck in your exams everyone!