Ornamental Cabbage – a flower for this time.

This stunning plant has recently entered human consciousness and is here to help us with the issues we are currently facing.  I have been channeling the message of this flower, alongside some other esteemed Kinesiologists, and have created a beautiful essence to help you at this time.

Directing its powerful healing energy at the chest, it promotes heart and thymus health. Supporting not only the immune system but also the heart wounds that have occurred during this chapter. The thymus glad helps support the immune system through the stimulation of T cells.

This flower helps us digest the experiences of 2020 and beyond, by realizing that everything is happening perfectly, and everyone is on their own path. It helps us accept that the journey is different for everyone and allows them to have their individual  experiences without judgement.

Ornamental cabbage creates forgiveness of all that has happened and understanding that even though the world is polarized through politics, war and different belief systems around health, everyone’s experience is right for them.

The leaves of this plant are tough and strong, giving power to the feminine rose appearance. Blending the green colour of the Heart chakra and the Purple/Violet colours of the Crown chakra, we can create a spiritual practice here on earth by standing in our sovereignty and staying in our own lane.

If you would like a bottle of Ornamental Cabbage essence please send me as message.

30ml green glass dropper bottles available now.