Crystal Grids for Manifestation

I love using crystal grids to enhance my manifestation practice. It is a wonderful way to connect with and use your crystals to help you. I love spending time with my crystals and creating something beautiful and powerful with them.

One of the wonderful things about crystal grids is you can just use small tumble stones or raw pieces, so it is an inexpensive way of harnessing the energy of crystals. It becomes an art form that allows you to meditate and bond with your crystals. It helps raise your energy which will help your manifestation.  Using different types of crystals allows their energy to synchronize and work together to supercharge your intention.

I use a selenite flower of life board, as selenite cleanses the crystals of negative energy, but you can lay the crystals on the floor, table, cloth, or on the grass, sand etc… if you don’t have a specific crystal grid plate.

1. Firstly decide what it is you want to manifest and write this on a piece of paper. Ask clearly for what you want, not what you don’t want. For example if you want to clear your back pain then write something like “ I am flexible in my body” rather than “ I have no back pain”. If you want to manifest love then write “ I am surrounded by supportive unconditional love” rather than “ I don’t want to be alone anymore” – feel the difference in these affirmations?

2. Now decide which crystals you wish to use, you can use whichever crystal calls to you.

Crystals have specific properties so if you are wanting to manifest love or better relationships with family, try using rose quartz or amazonite pieces. If you wish to manifest abundance and money try some natural citrine or iron pyrite. If you are looking to improve your intuition, calm your nerves and create inner peace then amethyst and tree agate will work perfectly together.

If you are trying to heal a specific ailment such as back pain or headaches then you can check out the crystals recommended in my book Your Body Has The Answer and make a grid of with these.

By using crystals with a single point we can direct and generate energy in a specific direction and by using crystals with a double termination, (a point on each end), we can send and receive energy by channeling energy through the crystal that which we wish to send. I like to use a crystal with one point (such as a pyramid) in the centre of my grid and double termination points around the edges to send energy in and out of the grid. I intersperse these with beautiful tumble stones reflecting the quality I want to manifest.

3. Fold a piece of paper with your intention written on it and place it in the centre of your grid. Surround the paper with the crystals of your choice, in the pattern of your choice.

4. Place a chosen crystal on the top of the paper in the centre of the grid.

5. Now you have created a crystal grid it is time to activate it! You can do this by taking a double terminated crystal with 2 points and draw an invisible energy line between each crystal. Imagine you are joining up the dots by drawing in the air between each stone with your pointed crystal.

6. Every time you walk past your grid, you can reactivate it and use it to reassert your intention.

7. Sit back, relax and allow your intention to manifest in line with your highest good.