Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is an easy problem to fix. Did you know that a third of Australians have vitamin D deficiency and vitamin D deficiency was a major factor in people who were badly affected with COVID 19? And in the Northern Hemisphere (where there is less hours of sunshine), studies show up to 80% of people are deficient! YIKES!

Vitamin D is naturally in only a few foods: fatty fish, egg yolks and liver. It is also fortified in some dairy products and cereals. There is also a little in red meat, peas and mushrooms.

If you don’t eat much of these foods, which the majority of people don’t, then you could be getting some Vitamin D converted from the sunlight. But many people do not get enough sunshine as a means to get vitamin D. Even with all the beautiful sunshine we have in Australia, the slip, slap, slop campaign which was to ward against skin cancer – also prevented people from naturally acquiring their essential doses of vitamin D!

If we are lacking in Vitamin D we may experience depression, bone and muscle pain, hair loss, fatigue and weak immune systems.

Vitamin D’s role in immunity can mean that not only will you get less colds but it could help prevent cancers developing as your immune system keeps your cells in check.

For children there can be improper growth of bones and in the long run the weakening of our bones can result in easy fractures if we fall.

Vitamin D helps our body absorb Calcium which as well as keeping our bones strong also helps our teeth. There is also evidence that it helps prevent Type I and Type II Diabetes and even studies to show that it can help weight loss. It really is the magic Vitamin!

Your Dr can check your Vitamin D levels with a blood test and Kinesiologists and Naturopaths have tests to find your Vitamin D status too. It is so important to keep this Vitamin level balanced in the body.

If you have low Vitamin D and want to supplement you need to go gently as Vitamin D is stored in the liver and can become toxic in large doses. Vitamin D can be bought in liquid, tablet or capsule form. I personally take the Ethical nutrients capsule daily:

You can learn more about which Vitamins and Minerals you are deficient in plus so much more in my online course:

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