Your Body Has The Answer with Kinesiologist Elizabeth Hughes

Kinesiology expert Elizabeth Hughes

Did you know that your body holds the answers to your health problems?

Would you like to get to the bottom of your chronic health condition?

How would it feel to finally figure out why you’ve been suffering for so long?

I am Elizabeth Hughes and I have helped thousands of people worldwide communicate with their bodies to find the cause of their symptoms.

We may all be suffering with headaches for example. The cause of this headache could be dehydration,  a neck problem, visual strain, head injury, a food  intolerance or emotional stress, SO how do you know what is the cause of your headache or other symptom?

Using simple testing techniques from the modality of Kinesiology you can tune in to your body and ask it what it wants to heal.

You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on massage for your neck if the cause of your headache is dehydration and conversely there is no point spending hours having counseling for stress if your headaches are caused by a food intolerance, so it pays to be able to communicate more deeply with your body so you can form the right treatment strategy for you.

I came across Kinesiology when I was looking for an answer to a neck problem I was suffering with.  Coming from a scientific background with a first year degree level in Biology and an Honors degree in Psychology and Education, I was at first skeptical and cynical that anything other than the traditional medical model could help me.

But I had tried the doctor, the physio, the osteopath, regular massages and many pain killers but my neck was still so sore and stiff.  So I headed off in to the remote English countryside to see a lady working from her garden shed, practicing this thing – kinesiology!

So she laid me down on a table and pressed some muscles in my neck. She told me that the cause of my neck pain was emotional and not physical and gave me some a drop of a brandy testing liquid ( I now know to be a flower essence). Within minutes my neck pain had gone and I drove home completely mystified and determined to research and understand what had happened.

After further studying and completing more Diploma courses, I have been working as a Kinesiologist for over 20 years now and have thousands of case studies, and  countless testimonials from clients about how these methods have helped them understand what their body wants.