Simple ways to protect your energy field

Do you ever feel tired when you have been with certain people? Are you aware that people can drain your energy? Do you ever notice that your mood has changed for the worse after meeting somebody?

It is very easy to transfer energy from one person to another. Even when we aren’t consciously trying we can still pick up on other people’s energy. If you are a sensitive person it is important that you are protected so that you don’t take on their energy temporarily or even permanently.

Here are some different techniques you can use to protect yourself,  see what feels right for you or if you are able to use Kinesiology self test, ask your body which of the following techniques is right for you:

  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a white/gold light
  • Imagine yourself in a five pointed star
  • Imagine yourself in a bubble
  • Place a drop of Frankincense Essential oil on your big toe
  • Imagine a mirror between you and the client reflecting their energy back to them.
  • Create affirmations for yourself and repeat, e.g. I am totally protected at all times. My energy field is always protected. I am protected from negativity.
  • Crystals can be worn for protection; hematite and jade are often recommended.
  • If you have a belief in angels you can ask for an angel to help protect you or say a prayer to help you.
  • LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!!! Avoid toxins, drink plenty of water. If you are healthy and balanced you will not be affected by detrimental energy.